Copyright Policy

Medico Research Chronicles is an open access journal that allows authors to retain copyright in their articles. The articles are made available under a Creative Commons license, typically CC-BY, enabling free access, copying, and use of the research as long as proper attribution is given.

Authors who publish open access articles with Medico Research Chronicles maintain copyright ownership. They grant permission to the journal to publish and identify themselves as the original publishers. Authors also retain intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and research data, and are entitled to receive proper attribution and credit for their published work.

Publishers, acting on behalf of the authors through a copyright transfer and exclusive license, have the authority to edit, print, and adapt the works while safeguarding the authors' reputation. This empowers publishers to ensure wide dissemination of the article, address requests for material reuse and permissions effectively, and ensure proper crediting of the original work.

To complete the publication process, authors must submit a duly signed, scanned copy of the copyright agreement form to within 7 days of article submission. Failure to submit the form may result in the decline of article publication, even if all other requirements are fulfilled. Authors can download the Copyright Format for this purpose.