About the Journal

Medico Research Chronicles (Medrech) serves as a premier medical journal, catering to clinicians, practitioners, and researchers across various disciplines. The journal publishes a wide range of scientific articles that cover topics of significant interest to the medical community. By sharing the latest investigations, developments, and observations, Medrech plays a vital role in disseminating knowledge and promoting further research in medicine and surgery.

Saving Time and Utilizing Findings: Accessing published articles in Medico Research Chronicles offers a time-saving opportunity for readers. By perusing these articles, individuals can quickly grasp the study's content and leverage its results for their own investigations. This efficient dissemination of information allows researchers to build upon existing knowledge and accelerate their own research endeavors.

Electronic Medium for Sharing Information: Medrech serves as an electronic medium, facilitating the sharing of recent developments in medical research. With its high-quality peer-reviewed articles, the journal upholds international standards and contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge. The online accessibility of Medico Research Chronicles allows for a broad readership and global dissemination of research findings.

Archives and Free Access: The journal maintains an archive of past issues, ensuring that valuable research remains accessible over time. Additionally, readers have the option to register for free e-mail alerts, enabling them to stay updated on the latest publications. They can also conveniently download and save articles to their personal electronic devices, empowering them to utilize the information to address their specific queries.

Strength through Quality Articles: Medico Research Chronicles continues to strengthen its position as a premier medical journal through the publication of high-quality articles. The rigorous peer-review process ensures that only valuable and impactful research is showcased. By maintaining its commitment to excellence, the journal contributes to the growth and advancement of medical research.