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This page enlisted the Articles duly accepted for the publication in the next upcoming 1st issue of 8th Vol., 2021. The articles can be viewed and accessed by clicking on the title. This page is updated at regular intervals.  To access the articles of the issue recently released, please visit the CURRENT ISSUE (6th Issue 7th Vol., 2020) section of the journal.


Table of Content

Original Research Article

The utilization of sexual and reproductive health services among young people: A cross-sectional study in Greece
Theodora Zoitaki, Christina Dimitrakaki, Venetia Notara, Evanthia Sakellari, Areti Lagiou

Original Research Article

Role and effects of n-acetylcysteine in rat killer (Rodenticide) poisoning
J. Chandravanshi, A. Kori, P. Tembhurnikar, A. Thakur

Original Research Article

Efficacy and safety of Rivaroxaban in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis
J. Chandravanshi, A. Kori, P. Tembhurnikar, A. Thakur

Original Research Article

Anthropometrical variations in Cephalic Index in Indian medical students and its relation with sex
Dr. Nuzhat Bashir*, Dr. Ashfaq ul Hassan, Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Patloo

Original Research Article

Quality Improvement Project for the management of Depression in Chronic Kidney Disease patients receiving hemodialysis
Dr Ayesha Asad, `Fatima Asad, Muhammad Hamza Abdullah Khan, Dr Nauman Kashif

Review Article

Review article on Thalassemia
Iqra Tabassum*, Aruba Maryam Iqbal, Mahum Sajjad, Kehkashan 

Original Research Article

Dissection hall experience of first-year medical students
Dr. Ashfaq ul Hassan, Dr. Samiya Sammon

Case Report

A case of a large mucinous cystadenoma of the right ovary
E. AbdElrahim