• Dr. Ashfaq Ul Hassan Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Medical College Bemina Srinagar Kashmir India
  • Dr. Farooq Assistant Professor Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Medical College Bemina, Radiology SKIMS Bemina
Keywords: Schwannoma, Vestibulocochlear, Benign, Merlin, Trigeminal, Nerve, Compression, Brain stem


Mostly Schwannomas are concentrated in relation to the Acoustic or Cochlear division of the Eighth Cranial nerve which is the Vestibulocochlear nerve. These lesions are usually benign. We present a rarer location of Schwannoma lying in relation to the Foramen Magnum which is not a common location for such masses. The Anatomical relations determine the Presentation of the Tumors and in this case the rare presentation was to the surprise of ours.


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