• Prateek Chopra Research Scholar, Calorex Teacher’s University, Ahmedabad
  • Dr. Belur O Baxi Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, GLS University, Ahmedabad
Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, Ayurvedic, OTC products, Brand


Indian is a country where Ayurveda born. And expend its goodwill across the globe. Earlier Ayurveda was been used in India to cure illness and disease. As time changed, the business environment became more competitive for companies because of heavy competition in the market. Every Ayurvedic company wants to maximize the market share and want to have a maximum number of customers. In such a scenario, customers select Ayurvedic companies’ product very carefully and by analysis various aspect of marketing strategies. Current research work is an attempt to understand customers’ behavior towards the OTC Ayurvedic products in Ahmedabad city. For this, researchers have collected data through questionnaire and interpret it. Data findings elaborate on the various aspect of consumer Behavior towards Ayurvedic Products.


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