Microorganisms detected on gloves contaminated by first year MBBS students during dissection of formalin-fixed cadavers

  • Dr Ashfaq Associate professor, Anatomy SKIMS Medical College Srinagar
  • Dr. Khursheed Prof. Microbiology SKIMS Medical College Srinagar, India
  • Dr Nowsheba Tutor Anatomy, SKIMS Medical College Srinagar, India
Keywords: microorganisms, cadavers, infections


Introduction: The study is done with the purpose to detect if any microorganisms are detected on the dissection of formalin-fixed cadavers which can be a potential of infection for students.

Material and Method: Students were made to do a dissection of routinely preserved cadavers using gloves. Samples from the contaminated gloves were collected and sent for culture and sensitivity.

Observation and results: A variety of microorganisms were cultured from the given samples.

Conclusion: The results indicate that cadavers fixed with formalin are a potential source of infection for students as well as faculty. This study underscores protocols to decrease cross-contamination.


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DOI: 10.26838/MEDRECH.2020.7.6.469
Published: 2021-01-09
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