The at-home delivery of treatment for benign prostate enlargement and chronic prostatitis enabled by Dr Allen’s Device is a valuable healthcare innovation during a pandemic

  • Adjani A Senior researcher, Fine Treatment, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Allen S Director, Fine Treatment, Oxford, United Kingdom
Keywords: thermobalancing therapy, Dr Allen’s Device, pandemic, benign prostatic hyperplasia, benign prostate enlargement, chronic prostatitis, pelvic pain, lower urinary tract symptoms, men’s health


Introduction: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has demonstrated the need for a novel delivery of treatment for benign prostate enlargement (BPE) and chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). Their standard treatments with medications and surgeries require extensive contact between patients and healthcare professionals that worsens a pandemic. This study aims to determine whether therapeutic Dr Allen’s Device (DATD) and Thermobalancing therapy (TT) can be used as an effective self-management tool and at-home treatment for chronic prostate diseases.

Methods: This is a retrospective cohort study of 45 men with CP/CPPS and 124 men with BPE who were observed before and after applying TT with DATD at home for 6 months in 2 clinical controlled trials. The dynamics of clinical characteristics and parameters, such as pain, urinary symptoms, quality of life (QoL), and prostate volume (PV) were compared to the control groups without DATD.

Results: DATD reduced pain scores from 10.3 to 3.5 (P<0.001) in men with CP/CPPS. In men with BPE, DATD reduced PV from 45mL to 31mL (P<0.001) and urinary symptoms from 14.3 to 4.9 (P<0.001). DADT significantly improved QoL in both treatment groups. In the control groups, no positive changes were observed.

Conclusions: The use of DATD with TT relieves chronic pelvic pain and reduces an abnormal prostate size in patients with CP/CPPS and BPE, improving their QoL and wellbeing. Thus, DATD is an effective at-home self-management tool and provides a novel delivery of treatment for non-cancerous prostatic diseases, especially important during a pandemic.


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Dr Allen’s Device to the coccyx area for the treatment
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