Relationship between depression and health-related behaviors of male senior college students

  • Dr. Shreya Medical Officer, Medanta, The Medicity Hospital Gurugram
  • Dr. Suman Dhanda Assistant Professor, Psychology, District Institute of Education Training, (DIET) Palwal Kurukshetra.
Keywords: Depression,, Health, Male, Students


Depression is a typical psychological condition that is extremely common in the overall public and it is a significant contributor to the all-around global burden of illness. A cross-sectional analysis design was used utilizing a structured questionnaire to determine depression and health-related action in male adolescents. Gender differences occur in the improvement of depression, and those differences are particularly prominent during adolescence. The data had been collected from pupils of a senior college in using convenience sampling to choose the participants. The results established the connection between depression and health-related actions. The growth of health-related habits might help in lowering depressive symptoms.


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