Ischemic Stroke and its associated factors among Adult patients at public referral hospitals, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Getasew Mulatu Aknaw Department of Adult Health Nursing, School of Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Bahir Dar University
  • Alemshet Yirga Berhie Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
  • Yordanos Elias Bezabih Adet Primary hospital, Amhara regional Health Bureau
Keywords: : Ischemic Stroke, Stroke, public hospitals, Ethiopia


Background: Stroke is a chronic non-communicable disease resulting from infractions or spontaneous hemorrhage in the brain. The burden of stroke is increasing at an alarming rate globally. In 2013 there were 6.5 million stroke deaths, and 113 million disability-adjusted life years due to stroke from this, 75.2% of all stroke mortality and 81.0% of stroke-related disability-adjusted life years are from developing countries. Ischemic stroke is the most common form of stroke approximately about 80%–85% of all strokes in nature. Stroke Deaths in Ethiopia reached 7% of total deaths. It is decreasing in the developed countries while it is increasing in low level and middle-income countries. This study aims to assess ischemic stroke and associated factors among four selected hospitals in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Methods: Hospitals-based cross-sectional study design was conducted among 159 stroke patients’ who were attending at four selected hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia May 1/2019 to April 30/2020. Information on relevant variables was collected from adult stroke patients’ paper-based medical records and registries. The study period was from December 2020 to June 2020.  Using a systematic random sampling technique 159 were included in this study. Record review was used to collect data and it was entered and analyzed by using SPSS version 24. Variables with a p-value less than 0.25 in bivariable logistic regression were selected for multivariable logistic regression. The adjusted odds ratio and 95% confidence interval were used to determine the association. P-value <0.05 was used to declare statistical significance in multivariable analysis.   

Result: 159 adult stroke patients were included in the study with that 156 (98.11%) response rates. Out of the total 156 patients, 31 (19.9 %%) died and the remaining 125 (80.1%) were improved. The mean (SD) age of the study patient was 54.84+17.12 years. The prevalence of ischemic stroke was 81 (51.92%), [95% CI, 41-55.8] with the determinant risk factors of ischemic stroke were hypertension (AOR= 4.49, 95% CI: 1.89-10.67) followed by Atrial fibrillation (AOR=8.08, 95% CI: 2.50-26.12) and valvular heart disease (AOR=3.07, 95% CI: 1.34-7.01) were the significant association of ischemic stroke.  


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DOI: 10.26838/MEDRECH.2022.9.3.600
Published: 2022-06-08
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