Article maintenance Charges

Following the open access model of publication, Medico Edge Publication dose not impose any charge to the reader. All the published contents are freely available for reading and citation, all the time. Also we do not receive any grant or financial support from any organization. All the processing of article is free, once the article is accepted author/s need to pay an Article Maintenance Charges, to meet with the genuine expenses of it like:

  • Online maintenance of article and its submission to various repositories.
  • Plagiarism check.
  • Indexing management.
  • Conversion of article into HTML and XML format.
  • DOI Subscription.
  • Digital promotion of the article.


Authors can avail the benefit of one publication in each issue with one payment of Annual subscription charges.


Authors from Indian affiliation

Authors from Non-Indian affiliation

Authors from Nepal/ Bangladesh affiliation

Article Publication

3500/- ₹ (INR)

150 $ (USD)

50 $ (USD)

Annual Subscription Charges

15,000/- ₹ (INR)

500 $ (USD)