Article maintenance Charges

Free and Open-Access Publishing with Medico Edge Publication

At Medico Edge Publication, we embrace the open-access model, ensuring that our published content is freely accessible to readers without any charges. We prioritize the dissemination of knowledge and encourage citation of our articles.

Non-Profit and Independent

As a non-profit organization, we do not receive any grants or financial support from external entities. Our commitment to open access remains unwavering, and we strive to make scholarly information available to the global community.

Transparent Article Processing

We provide a transparent and free article processing system. Once your article is accepted for publication, we request authors to pay an Article Maintenance Charge. This charge helps cover essential expenses associated with the publication process, such as:

1. Online Maintenance: We ensure the seamless online availability and preservation of your article by submitting it to various repositories.

2. Plagiarism Check: We conduct thorough plagiarism checks to maintain the originality and integrity of the published content.

3. Indexing Management: Our team manages the inclusion of your article in reputable indexing services, enhancing its discoverability and visibility.

4. Format Conversion: We convert your article into HTML and XML formats, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across different platforms.

5. DOI Subscription: We provide a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your article, enabling precise identification and long-term accessibility.

6. Digital Promotion: We actively promote your article digitally, amplifying its reach and impact among the global research community.

By covering these genuine expenses through the Article Maintenance Charges, we uphold the quality, accessibility, and visibility of your research work.

Experience Open Access with Medico Edge Publication

Join us in promoting open access and the free exchange of knowledge. Publish your research with Medico Edge Publication and enjoy the benefits of widespread visibility and global citation potential.

Please note that all transactions and correspondence regarding the Article Maintenance Charges will be conducted in English for your convenience.


Authors can avail the benefit of one publication in each issue with one payment of Annual subscription charges.

Article Type

Authors from Indian affiliation

Authors from Non-Indian affiliation

Authors from Nepal/ Bhutan affiliation

Original Research Article

4500/- ₹ (INR)

150 $ (USD)

50 $ (USD)

Review Article

3500/- ₹ (INR)

120 $ (USD)

50 $ (USD)

Case Study, Case Report etc.

3000/- ₹ (INR)

90 $ (USD)

50 $ (USD)

Annual Subscription Charges

15,000/- ₹ (INR)

500 $ (USD)


*Charges for Hard Copy anywhere in India only. 1000/- ₹ (INR) (Inclusive all courier charges)