Publication Ethics and Malpractice

Medico Research Chronicles: Open-Access Peer-Reviewed Journal

Welcome to Medico Research Chronicles, a reputable bimonthly open-access journal committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. We prioritize fairness, confidentiality, and timely communications throughout our publication process.

Manuscript Acceptance/Rejection and Peer Review Process

Our esteemed editor-in-chief, co-editor, and editorial board evaluate manuscripts based on rigorous peer review and adherence to our ethical guidelines. We strictly discourage misconduct, including copyright violation and plagiarism. Authors receive email notifications and can track their manuscript's progress through our user-friendly online journal management system. However, please note that peer reviewers' comments play a vital role in the final decision-making process, and manuscript submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Efficient Editorial Decision Time

At Medico Research Chronicles, we value efficiency without compromising quality. Typically, our editorial decision process takes approximately 1-2 weeks. While we strive to maintain this timeframe, exceptions may occur due to the complexity of certain manuscripts.

Fair and Unbiased Evaluations

Our editor-in-chief, editorial board, and technical committee evaluate manuscripts solely based on their intellectual content. We ensure fair and unbiased assessments, irrespective of authors' race, gender, spiritual beliefs, ethnic origin, nationality, or political philosophy.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Maintaining strict confidentiality is paramount to our journal. All parties involved in the review process, including editors and experts, adhere to a code of confidentiality. No information about submitted manuscripts is disclosed to unauthorized individuals, except to the corresponding author, potential editors, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as required.

Duties of Reviewers, Authors, and Reporting Standards

We uphold a set of ethical responsibilities for reviewers and authors to ensure the integrity of the publication process. Reviewers are expected to provide prompt, confidential, and objective evaluations. Authors should accurately report their work, avoid plagiarism, and disclose any conflicts of interest. Additionally, authors must acknowledge and cite relevant sources and adhere to reporting and data retention standards.

Multiple Publications, Hazards, and Timely Communications

To maintain publication integrity, authors should refrain from submitting the same research to multiple journals simultaneously. Researchers must explicitly define any hazards involved in their work and obtain necessary ethical approvals. Authors are also expected to communicate promptly with the publisher, ensuring timely responses and active monitoring of email correspondence.

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest and Fundamental Errors

Authors must disclose any financial or significant conflicts of interest that may impact their manuscript's outcomes or interpretation. If authors identify substantial errors or inaccuracies in their published work, they should promptly notify the journal editor or publisher for proper retraction or correction.

Experience the Ethical Excellence of Medico Research Chronicles

We invite researchers to join us in advancing knowledge through ethical publishing. Submit your manuscript to Medico Research Chronicles and become part of a trusted community committed to upholding the highest standards of research integrity.

Note: All communication regarding your manuscript will be conducted in English. Please ensure that the provided email address is regularly monitored for seamless correspondence.