Waiver Policy

Financial Assistance for Open Access Publishing

At our publication, we are committed to facilitating the transition to full open access for research articles. As part of our commitment, we offer waivers or discounts on Article Processing Charges (APCs) to eligible authors. In some of our well-established journals, we even provide up to 100% financial assistance for the total APCs.

Waivers and Discounts

In fields where funding is limited and authors often face financial constraints, we waive APCs and cross-subsidize them from fields with more available APC funding. This ensures that researchers from diverse disciplines can benefit from open access publishing without undue financial burden.

Financial Assistance for Authors

We understand that authors from low- and middle-income countries may face additional challenges. Therefore, we consider financial assistance applications on a case-by-case basis. These applications should be submitted before the article is submitted for review. Our Managing Editor assesses the application based on the research article's quality and the authors' ability to pay.

Timing of Financial Assistance Requests

To streamline the process and ensure fairness, requests for financial assistance should be made at the time of article submission. Please note that any requests made after the article has undergone processing will be declined.

Join us in Open Access Publishing

We believe that open access is crucial for the widespread dissemination of research findings. By offering financial assistance options, we strive to make open access publishing more accessible and inclusive.

Experience the benefits of open access publishing by submitting your research to our journals. We support researchers worldwide in their quest for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Please note that all communication and transactions regarding financial assistance will be conducted in English for clarity and convenience.